About the Project:

It can be easy to underestimate the presence of other ethnicities in fighting for blacks’ rights within the Black Lives Matter Movement. A wide diversity of people actively fight for the rights of others through this channel, and it’s important to highlight these voices to show that there is global support and unity among different ethnicities.

The profiles compiled in this project were a result of a variety of personal interviews regarding their experiences as individuals, as well as their experiences as activists in the BLM movement. They highlight people of different cultural and racial backgrounds across the United States, and they are meant to show that YOU–no matter what you look like or what you believe in–YOU can support this movement as well. It's not too late. 

We believe that racism and the injustices this country faces affects everyone, and it’s important to recognize that any form of protest makes an impact. This movement started as nothing more than a hashtag– now, it has inspired massive protests and become a nationwide organization. Regardless of how one identifies, it’s important to stand in solidarity and support one another.

About Us:

This project was a requirement of the Spring 2018 Community Engagement class at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York. The project group included Morgan Whitney, Amy Ciriaco, Sunja Joseph, Cheyenne LaFrance, and Greg DiPaul. 

This project involved interviewing many activists from different ethnic backgrounds who have participated in, or spoken up about the movement. They were found through extensive internet research, or through connections with Binghamton University. With these interviews, a walk-through exhibit was created showcasing their personal journeys and impacts. Some of these activists included Afro-Latina Amanda Alcantara, American Reverend Douglas Taylor and Jordan Taylor from the Black Lives Matter Hudson Valley chapter.

Special thanks to Professor Lisa Yun and the entire Spring 2018 Community Engagement class, as well as the the Center of Community Engagement, the College of Community and Public Affairs, and the Multicultural Research Center at Binghamton University for their collaboration and support of the project!

Pictured (L-R): Morgan Whitney, Sunja Joseph, Cheyenne LaFrance, Amy Ciriaco, and Greg DiPaul

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